Anime Temple is an online matrimonial site dedicated to all otakus (anime fans) out there. This site provides online marriage certificates to everyone who applies. Male or female of any age bracket could apply here. Read our Rules for Registration and our FAQ page for any questions. If there is something you need to ask but can't find the answer in our FAQ page, contact us at temple@bouncy-bubbles.net.

Thank you for visiting us. ^^


Congratulations to Dante Jessie Ariem! *confetti confetti*
Sorry for the late approval. Work and life had been very hectic this past few weeks. *gomen nasai* *bows*
Also, for future interested applications, please read the rules with regards to image sizes to use on the certificates. We always don't have the time to remind each and everyone of that.
Thank you! ^^

Posted by Cossette Falcon on May 20, 2006


Welcome to two newlyweds!
Hwoarang and Akira and Naraku and Angel! *clap clap clap*

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Apr 08, 2006

The forum is now down :(

To all Anime Temple members, this is to inform you that Anime Temple forum is now closed due to reasons I PM'ed to you before. But this is to emphasize that only the forum is going and not the main site (with the certificates).

For those who haven't transferred to another forum I own with a friend, we could get together again at Winglica. Hope to see you there soon! *bows*

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Feb 24, 2006

Welcome to Reno and Jessica!

Congratulations to Reno and Jessica. *conffetti confetti* Welcome to the group of happily married otakus!:D

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Feb 18, 2006

Again and again... READ!

If many applicants are wondering why their marriages are not pushed through with their fave anime character, this may be the reasons.

1) Your character is taken.
2) Your requirements are not complete!
3) Your characters are complete, but your character image does not meet with the size requirements...etc..

Overall, it means you may have not read everything. X(

We do want new friends and members, but we can't remind EVERYONE of what they need to work on. You have no idea the hassles I went through when I did that before. :(

So please, read the rules before you fill out the form. Thank you.

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Jan 06, 2006

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