About The Anime Temple

* Intro instrumental piece of ‘Ballade Pour Adeline’

~ Roseate petals gracefully falls everywhere. They are pleasing to the eye and enhances the exquisiteness of the Rose garden, wherein a gazebo can be found in the middle and there awaits the person I would spend the rest of your life with. Everything is perfect. The perfectly subtle pastel colors of the sky as the sun sets over the horizon, the perfectly sequined, white dress hugging my figure, the tiara on my head making me feel like a princess, the children’s choir singing like angels as I walk your way to the gazebo, and the perfect man smilingly waits for me to stand beside him… only he’s wearing a katana on his side and has a cross-shaped scar on his cheek and…

Mauve : Hold it right there! There is no way you’re getting there yet! We have to work here! Concentrate!

… and the perfect intrusion to ruin a perfectly excellent daydream.~

Cossette: *ehem ehem* *glares at Mauve for a while then smiles at you*

Welcome to Anime Temple! *sounds gong*

You are cordially invited to partake in the sacred rite of online matrimony and have your dream come to life with the services we have, which specifically is an official recognition, pertaining to you tying the knot with your special someone and…

Mauve: Psst! Do you have to speak so formally? You sound like a salesman. Emphasis on the 'man.'

Cossette: *mumbles* You got me into this and besides, formality adds ‘sophistication’ to the web title when I talk this way.

Mauve: Okay, okay. I got your point. But could you change the music? I don’t even know what that is. And how about rephrasing your words to make them sound well more… ‘layman’s way and exciting’.

Cossette: You mean talk the way I usually do?

Mauve: *sweatdrops* eh….he….

Cossette: Do I get money from this? *sigh*  Nevermind. Okay… here goes….


* Intro instrumental piece of ‘Kirameku Toki Ni Toriwarete’ from Slam Dunk

Cossette: Hello dudes and duddetes! I claim innovation and imagination for this shack! Join in and see what we have in store for you, you hopeless, romantic, anime fanatics! Oops sorry… XD In this place you could apply to marry your fave anime character! We will hand over your marriage certificates as long as you follow all our rules and regulations…

Mauve: … and there are other web freebies you could find in this site…

Cossette: Move over! The introduction is my turf. This is for all ages and most important requirement is… *drumroll* YOU HAVE TO BE AN OTAKU!

Mauve: Sheesh! Isn’t that obvious?

Cossette: *glares* So hop right in to the site, explore and enjoy the services we have and make sure to follow all our rules so we wouldn’t have to go to court for any misunderstandings…

Mauve:  Not to mention having us gorgeous and absolutely genius administrators have a headache over registration problems…

Cossette: *nods* Read the FAQ page before you ask us questions….

Mauve: ... and prepare your credit card…

Cossette: *glares* Hey! This is FREE!

Mauve: Oh shucks! We're so nice!

Cossette: Okay! I think that’s it. Go get your husband Mauve and let’s have a parteeeeeeeh!!!

Maube: YEEEEEEEES! *dances around* Which one should I bring?

Cossette: What do you mean ‘which one’?!?!?! We agreed to only have one husband!!!

Mauve: *sweats* Ooooops…. *hums innocently*