Common Errors

Listed here are the common errors why some applications are rejected or delayed.

  1. The URL you stated doesn't have the necessary requirements:
    - The URL doesn't have any connection with your character whatseover
    - No profile of your character
    - No image of your character on the web page
    - No link back to Anime Temple using one of the buttons

  2. Missing or vagues entries in the accomplished Join form.
    You may have filled up everything in the form, but the some entries there are wrong. Examples are having typed "others" in the URL field, or "C:/my documents/picture.jpg" in the URL of image of partner field or an "I don't know" in any of the fields.

  3. Putting nonsense on the form fields.
    You cannot put September 21,2123 on the "Date of Marriage" field. Even if the site survives that long, we certainly are not conceited enough to think that we will!

  4. The image you submitted is too small.
    Have an image at that is at least 250 x 250 pixels in size. Besides, you don't want to have a very small picture of your character on the certificate, right?

  5. No webpage at all.
    Do I have to explain this? If you have no knowledge of web pages, go download one at the Starter Kits section.

  6. The character you specified doesn't exist.
    Tell us how it is possible to marry someone that doesn't exist.

  7. Invalid information entered.
    If you entered a wrong creator or series, or character.