Anime Temple is an online matrimonial site dedicated to all otakus (anime fans) out there. This site provides online marriage certificates to everyone who applies. Male or female of any age bracket could apply here. Read our Rules for Registration and our FAQ page for any questions. If there is something you need to ask but can't find the answer in our FAQ page, contact us at temple@bouncy-bubbles.net.

Thank you for visiting us. ^^

Merry Christmas to eveyone!

I would like to greet everyone PLEASANT HOLIDAYS. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! *hugs and kisses*

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Dec 25, 2005

Need to clarify something...

This is to clarify that Itachi of Naruto is married to Ellie Dufaur. I created a little mishap but everything has already been ractified. I apologize for the error. *bows*

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Nov 25, 2005

Three Newlyweds!

Welcome to our newlyweds! Uchiha Itachi and Rachelle Dauphinee, Betrayal and Wrath, and Kakashi and Rachelle. *clap clap clap*
Sorry if it took quite some time to finish your certificates. Life had been very busy. XD I thank you for your patience. Please interact with the other couples in the forum. Thank you!

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Nov 21, 2005

To all pending applications

To all the pending applications (those who completed requirements) in Anime Temple certificates. I will start to work on your certificates asap. I'm sorry I wasn't able to do them earlier because I had been so busy with work. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. *bows*

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Nov 20, 2005

New URL and new rules!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

The forum is back! The new URL is http://otera.cjb.net. Go check it out! :)!

Also there are new rules integrated in this site so please read them before applying.!

For the forum members, I have sent you emails regarding the new URL and with the rules imposed. Please take time to read them.!

For any questions, comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Nov 03, 2005

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