Anime Temple is an online matrimonial site dedicated to all otakus (anime fans) out there. This site provides online marriage certificates to everyone who applies. Male or female of any age bracket could apply here. Read our Rules for Registration and our FAQ page for any questions. If there is something you need to ask but can't find the answer in our FAQ page, contact us at temple@bouncy-bubbles.net.

Thank you for visiting us. ^^

Vanessa Zapfe and Roy Mustang

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Vanessa Zapfe and Roy Mustang! ^_^

Posted by Mauve Avalon on Aug 16, 2005

Sesshoumaru and Emiko!

Hello newlyweds! *confetti confetti* May you have a blessed matrimonial life. Please don't forget to register at the forum to interact with the other couples of Anime Temple. Ja! :)

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Aug 02, 2005


Congratulations to the following couples:

1) Edward Elric & Katlyn Kaufman

2) Sasame & Kitsune Hikage.

We hope the best in your married life. Please join in the forum to interact with the other couples.

NOTES: I have a few notes regarding registration. YOU HAVE TO READ THE RULES AND REGULATIONS PROPERLY AND FOLLOW THEM TO THE LETTER!. Why am I saying this? I have received applications this past few weeks and some of them are approved... after I get to remind them of their missing requirements and they get to fulfill them before their marriage dates.

I really don't mind reminding everyone but please put into consideration that the admins also have lives and cannot possibly check every each requirement everyday. It is also very tedious to point each and every detail of application. So if everyone would immediately like to avail of their certificates, please do what is asked properly and completely. THe less time the admins get to check applications, the more time there is available to create the certificates. It's a win-win situation see?

Thank you!

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Jun 30, 2005

Welcome to Ayame Souma and Kaori Tsutomu!

Wow! W'e're actually growing! Welcome to both of you. We wish you all the best. As usual, don't forget to join in the forum. By the way Kaori, you better take a good grip on Ayame, you know he's a charmer despite his unnatural confidence. ^^

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Jun 27, 2005

Welcome to MakubeX and Hotaru!

Welcome to the newlyweds! Hope you enjoy your married life. Please don't forget to sign in the forum and interact with the other forums. Also, to Kai, your upgraded certificate is already up. Check it out! ^^

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Jun 27, 2005

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