Anime Temple is an online matrimonial site dedicated to all otakus (anime fans) out there. This site provides online marriage certificates to everyone who applies. Male or female of any age bracket could apply here. Read our Rules for Registration and our FAQ page for any questions. If there is something you need to ask but can't find the answer in our FAQ page, contact us at temple@bouncy-bubbles.net.

Thank you for visiting us. ^^


Welcome to Shuichi and Aiaka Minamino! We wish you the best in your married life. By the way, please don't forget to join other couples in the forum area. Take care! ^^

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Jun 24, 2005

Welcome to Trowa and Reiyuka

Welcome to the newlyweds, Trowa and Reiyuka! We wish you all the best in your married life. Join in the forum and interact with the other married couples. ^^

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Jun 20, 2005

Welcome to Jjang BoGo and Ishimaru Jjang

Welcome to the newlyweds! Thank you for joining in Anime Temple and we wish you all the matrimonial happiness.

It is stated in the rules that we accept applications 'WITH' creator's names. In case anyone, who viewed the newlyweds' certificate, saw the name of a studio house under creator rather of a person's name, this happened because we cannot fine the creator's name anywhere online. I even tried to research on this but failed.

So for the first time I allowed this entry despite the rules. But, this doesn't mean that we will allow such changes in the future. If anyone could tell us the creator's name for this specific anime, please let me know asap so I could edit this certificate's template. ^^

By the way, this does not mean that the admins are responsible to research on anyone's creator. This is the applicant's responsibility.

To the newlyweds, as a final note, please don't forget to register at the forum to join in the craziness of other married couples. ^^

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Jun 09, 2005


Okay, new members here. Welcome to Zuan and Gaara! I wish you a fruitful marriage. Please don't forget to join in the fun of the forum. Thanks! ^_^

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Jun 05, 2005


Welcome to newlyweds, Gojyo and Kae! Hope you enjoy your marriage! Register into the forum to interact with other newlyweds. Have fun! ^^

Posted by Cossette Falcon on May 25, 2005

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