Anime Temple is an online matrimonial site dedicated to all otakus (anime fans) out there. This site provides online marriage certificates to everyone who applies. Male or female of any age bracket could apply here. Read our Rules for Registration and our FAQ page for any questions. If there is something you need to ask but can't find the answer in our FAQ page, contact us at temple@bouncy-bubbles.net.

Thank you for visiting us. ^^

We're back!

Sorry for the downtine guys! The account is renewed and we're back! Let us all interact in the forums and be happy with our married lives!! ^_^

Posted by Cossette Falcon on May 09, 2005

Welcome to Kyou and Bridget!

Another newlyweds on the site. Kyou and Bridget! Don't forget to sign in the forum. ^_^ We also have two new affiliates, Anime Ark. Check their links below! ^_^

Posted by Cossette Falcon on May 05, 2005


Welcome to newlyweds Sanzo and Yoshimi! Hope you enjoy your stay here. Please don't forget to join in the forum> ^_^

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Apr 28, 2005

We're on the roll again!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

My PC is fixed! I am now able to work on the marriage certificates. ^_^

Congratulations to the new newlyweds:
1) Killua and Ren
2) Tokiya and Kurayamiko
3) Inuyasha and Kagome

But I have some bad news. Most of the applications didn't comply with the rules we indicated. The fact that YOU were able to register concludes that you read the rules and regulations. So I couldn't deduce why there were 'major' boo boos, such as the lack of a website. The character website was a major rule. MAJOR. We aren't asking for a shrine (hands-down to character shrines, love them!). A one-page character bio was enough. And the fact that my PC was out of commission for a long time, it gave an AMPLE amount of time to work on your sites.

So, I'm really sorry if most of those who registered weren't approved. You could try your luck again next time with complete materials.

As for the affiliates, I have to follow-up my partner regarding that. She's working on its script.

So finally, Anime Temple is on the go again! Hope to hear from you guys! Don't forget to join in the forum. ^_^

Thank you for the patience guys! *bows*

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Apr 28, 2005

I am so sorry... application on hold!

I am so sorry but all applications will be on hold since my PC is busted and our technician can't seem to find the problem. I am currently hunting out a new, effective but cheap technician (I'm so poor!) to fix my PC. Sorry for the inconvenience. Once the PC is fixed I promise that I will work on your applications. Please take the time to check out if your requirements are complete. I will update everyone once everything is back to normal. I am really, really sorry. *wince* XD

Posted by Cossette Falcon on Apr 11, 2005

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