This is a sample layout. This is where you put some more info for your character. Favorite food, movie, music. Maybe what the character's hobbies are, what he/she loves doing. Let's see. Yuki likes sleeping on his stomach plus he has a cute sleeping face. =^.^= He doesn't like to be bothered when writing one of his novels. He also has very ticklish ears. ^_^ I think his most prized possession is his laptop and he seldom (try never!) smiles. He has a tragic past that involved having to shoot his mentor in self-defense. He is also very protective of those close to him and will protect them at all cost. This sometimes releases his savage nature (which I like! ^^" *cough, cough*).

Layout Information

This layout's sole purpose is for use for the character shrines for the site Anime Temple alone. You CANNOT use it for any other site or any part of the style sheet either. You also must leave the credits for the layout at the bottom of the page alone. Since a web page dedicated to your desired character is required before your marriage certificate is approved, this is for those who want to marry an anime character but don't know how to make a web page of their own. I have also included the banner that is linked back to Anime Temple. So now all you have to do is edit the character information to your own character's profiles, upload it to a server, and you're done! Aren't I nice? ^.^

Layout Instructions

For anyone familiar with HTML, all you have to do is replace the info of Yuki Eiri to your own character info, along with the profile picture. I suggest make the picture 100 by 100 pixels in size so it would look nicer with the layout and name that profile.jpg. You can also add some other info in the profile like height, weight, likes, dislikes, etc.

Layout Instructions - for Beginners

Now for the beginners who have absolutely no idea about HTML, read on. Download this layout by clicking the link "Download the layout here!" link at the bottom of this page. Once you do, unzip it using Winzip. You should be able to see five files: index.html, banner.jpg, button.jpg, profile.jpg and style.css. Open the file index.html in your text editor like Notepad or Editpad. You will then see a bunch of text that consitute the HTML page. I have inserted comments (written in UPPERCASE) to guide you through the page and they will look like this:

Site contents.. blah, blah...

The guides will help you know where to edit the contents and profile on your page. To preview the changes, open index.html through your browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape. Also prepare a picture of your anime character that is 100 by 100 pixels in size and save it as profile.jpg. When asked to overwrite, click 'Yes' or 'Ok'. Your image will then replace the image of Yuki Eiri in the HTML page. Once you are satisfied with your page it's time to upload it to a server.

Go to Geocities and register for an account there. Once registered, log-in to the site using the username and password you used to register. Click "File Upload" and you will see a bunch of text boxes there. Click on the 'Browse' button and browse your PC until you click on our edited index.html. You should be able to see the text box filled. Repeat the same procedure again for the other four text boxes, making sure to choose the rest of our files (banner.jpg, button.jpg, profile.jpg and style.css). Click 'Upload.' Now you can go to and see your site! ^^ Congratulations!

Additional questions can be addressed through the Anime Temple Forum.
Download this layout here!

Character Shrine (c) YOUR NAME HERE
Layout (c) Mauve Avalon of Anime Temple