Anime Temple Rules

As always, as with anything, there are a few rules. These rules can change without prior notice so check back here once in a while.

  • You can only apply ONCE, so choose wisely. Also, don't use multiple aliases or names to apply for multiple submissions. We would know instantly, make no mistake about it. You will be banned ASAP!

  • You must have a page that is dedicated to the anime character you registered for. It doesn't have to be a whole website, just one page will do. The page can feature that anime character, some info about him/her, a gallery of him, anything. Just as long as you have us linked on that page. If you don't know how to make a web page, go HERE. This is where we got some of the stuff on the site. Or you can use one of our Starter Kits, which is completely formatted and all you have to do is edit the infos to your own character.

    We will point out again, these are the things needed for the page for your character:
    1) Character bio.
    2) A picture of the character. This is for other viewer’s reference who may not know the character or the series your character may be joined in.
    3) A link back to us.

    All of these requirements should be in ONE PAGE so we wouldn't have a hard time checking your requirements.

  • You cannot apply for a anime character who's already taken. We do not encourage infidelity here.

  • The image of your desired anime character must not be too big nor too small. It should be around 400 pixels in width and height. You cannot attach this to an email and send it to us. Just use the form!

  • Set your wedding date at least a week after you've filled out the form and registered to give us time to make your certificate and give it to you on the specified date you set in the form.

  • Do not give past dates (such as August 30, 1980). What's the sense of applying here right? And it said in the application 'Date Intended'. This if for organization and conformity. This also affects giving way futuristic dates like year 3000. If you haven't completed all requirements, you want us to maintain your application for that long? I don't think so.

  • Inform us of any change in your, url, or any other info about your registration. We wll be making regular checks to see if you are still active, usually by email. If you failed to contact is within a specified time, you forfeit your certificate and you are considered divorced.

  • You cannot reproduce or give away the certificate. If you do not want it anymore, file for a divorce stating your reasons why, so we can give a chance to others who would want to register for your anime character. You can only get divorced ONCE. No use in being greedy.

  • Once registered, you will be in the pending list. Use one of our buttons to link us back during that time. We will check your web page every often to see if you have linked us back before we approve your request.

  • If you're male, choose a female anime character. If you're female, choose a male anime character. We have nothing against, homosexuality or bisexuality. But for the sake of keeping the site simple, we won't approve those requests.

  • You cannot apply for a animal anime character that turns into a human. But you can apply for a human that can turn into an animal. The anime character has to be, first and foremost, a human, an animal second.

  • If you're still in the Pending List after your marriage date, we will delete your application.

  • If you still have questions, just fill out the 'comments' text box in the 'join' form or accomplish the 'contact' form.

    You've read and understood the rules?

    Fill out the form now!